William Slover is an American entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who has made a significant impact on the industry.

Born in Keansburg, New Jersey, and grew up in the Belford section of Middletown, NJ. Slover started his career as a freelance web designer and developer before joining Cahners Travel Group (then part of Reed International) as a Web Production Manager in 2000, a division of a leading travel media company.

At Cahners Travel Group, Slover was responsible for overseeing the production and development of websites for several leading travel publications, including Travel Weekly and Meetings & Conventions. He also worked on the company’s e-commerce initiatives, developing, and implementing online booking systems for travel agencies and other businesses in the travel industry.

In 2004, Slover founded Teen Chill, a social networking website for teenagers. The website attracted a significant following, and in 2006, Slover sold the company to an undisclosed recipient.

The following year, Slover founded Myspace Pimper, a service that allowed users to customize their Myspace profiles with different backgrounds, layouts, and graphics. Myspace Pimper quickly became a hit, receiving more than 1 million daily visitors at its peak. The service was featured in many publications and books, including the New York Times, PC Magazine, and the book “Myspace Marketing: Create a Social Network to Dominate Your Market.” In 2006, Slover sold the company to Live Universe.

In November of 2005, Slover also founded Layout Pimper, a website that provided users with custom layouts for their Myspace pages.

After a brief semi-retirement where Slover owned and operated a successful Jersey Shore club called Tiki Stadium, he returned to the digital world to continue making an impact. He began working as a marketing consultant and played a pivotal role in launching several well-known brands, including Lacroix Water and Heroes Mile.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and digital marketer who has made significant contributions to the industry, his expertise and innovation have helped him create successful web-based projects and businesses, and his experience in digital marketing has made him a highly sought-after consultant for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Outside of his digital work, Slover has appeared in the film “Down the Shore” with James Gandolfini and has also worked for the Middletown Police Department.


Marketing has been an integral part of my career, and I excel at designing and developing with a marketing-first mindset. My focus on goals, conversions, and driving sales has been a top priority throughout my career, and I have a proven track record of delivering results. With my extensive experience in combining design and marketing, I am confident in my ability to create compelling designs that not only look great but also drive conversions and meet the specific needs of my clients.


As a seasoned designer, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in using powerful design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. With a solid foundation in design principles and years of hands-on experience, I am confident in my ability to create visually stunning designs that meet the needs of my clients.


With extensive experience in front-end development, I possess the skills and knowledge to transform designs into a fully functional and visually impressive product. My keen attention to detail ensures that every element is executed with pixel-perfect precision. From conceptualization to deployment, I am confident in my ability to deliver top-notch front-end development solutions that exceed expectations.

Technical Lead:

I possess exceptional leadership and motivational skills that enable me to effectively manage and inspire a team of in-house Designers, Social Media Managers, Content Writers and Developers, while also adeptly overseeing contractors and external vendors.


I have a proven track record of launching highly successful products, including a cutting-edge social media platform and an innovative tool known as Myspace Pimper.


I am highly proficient in server administration, including database management, and have consistently demonstrated my expertise in this field throughout my career, both in my current role and in previous positions.

In addition, I possess a diverse range of skills, including video editing, photography, and PC hardware maintenance, which I have honed over the years and am confident in my ability to leverage to achieve exceptional results.